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These tokens are great fun! Ready to ship.

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Round Tuits

These Round Tuits have our website engraved on them, so we sell them cheap.

They get the message across - "No more excuses! Do it now!"

Then they say "And a good day to you!"

1.75 inch diameter.


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Traditional Round Tuits

Round Tuits can deliver a message - It's time to get things done,

"You said you'd clean up when you got a round tuit. Here it is. Now hop to it!"

These are a favorite item to accompany speeches or sermons.

1.75 inch diameter


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Square Tuits

As a child I called them "BLOCKHEADS." The ones who never got the message and never got things done.

These are Round Tuits for blockheads.

1.75 inch per side.



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Univeral Drink

I was waiting for my date at a biker bar, me a graying 67 year old in a Hawaiian shirt with a potted orchid and a beer. A tall biker told me I should buy the bar a round. Instead I gave away a pocketful of One Drink tokens. "They're good anywhere in the Solar System. It says so on the Internet.”

These tokens are always well received, but they're not guaranteed.

1.75 inch diameter.


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