Standard front-to-back alignment is random. Top-to-top alignment is available at 0.14 per token.


If the hole placement has no effect on the reverse side there's no charge for adding a hole. If the reverse has to be positioned to allow for the hole, the charge is 0.24 additional per token,

Consecutive Numbering

Consecutive numbering guarantees there is one and only one of each number in a sequence. Tokens are packaged in sequence. 0.30 additional per token.


:Lasering photos on wood isn't black and white, it''s brown and tan. To make a photo look good takes a lot of manipulation at the engraver. Tthe engraver sits idle while the photo gets tweaked. We charge $35 to work on a photo. That includes a wood proof - we'll send a photo of the image engraved in wood before we start the run.

Other options and finishing treatments

For information about the variety of finishes we offer please click here.

Cherry and Walnut are available in addition to our standard Baltic Birch.

Cherry is a reddish wood with a beautiful grain patttern. It engraves very well.

Additional per token Cherry

1 inch 0.20
1.5 inch 0.36
1.75 inch 0.50
2 inch 0.65
2.5 inch 0.93
3 inch 1.21

Walnut is a dark wood which provides little contrast with the engraved text, Not good for small text, but beautiful.
Additional per token Walnut
1 inch 0.27
1.5 inch 0.56
1.75 inch 0.75
1.85 or 2 inch 0.89
2.5 inch 1.29
3 inch 1.69

We offer a selection of token sizes, from one inch in diameter to three inches. We can also create custom sizes and custom shapes.

The pricing shown is based on our standard wood, 1/8 inch thick Baltic Birch. Other woods include hickory, cherry and walnut.

1 Inch Tokens

One Inch tokens are a great way to express one simple idea. "Beer" or "$1 Off" or "Admit One," for example. Frequently 1 inch tokens are engraved on only one side, which is a very economical way to have quality laser-engraved wooden tokens.

1.5 Inch Tokens

1.5 inch is the standard size for wooden nickels and it's a very popular size for drink tokens. It's large enough for most logos and some contact information
1.75 Inch Tokens

memorial token

Our standard Round Tuits are 1.75 inches. This is a very popular and versatile size.

This size token is comfortable in any hand and pocket.

It's large enough for most logos and a good amount of text.

2 Inch Token

The standard 2 inch token is large enough to display a logo or graphics well. Most tokens designs will work well on a 2 inch token

It's the largest size which can comfortably be a pocket token. Larger sizes end up on shelves or in drawers.

2 1/2 Inch Token


When a token is meant to make a statement, a 2 1/2 inch token carries a message. It fits in the palm of your hand, but it won't get lost there.

For a printable size chart click here.

3 Inch Token

Some products need the size and heft of a three inch token. Military challenge coins, special Round Tuits and token for a special occasion are the main uses of 3 inch tokens.

Rob Loukotka, an artist, wanted a wooden token for a business card. He designed these and aged them himself.

An oval shaped logo calls for an oval shaped token. We made these for the Montego resort in Maui.

Ben's Tune-Up is a restaurant in North Carolina, and they wanted a "Have one on us" token.

We make a fair number of Woodbadge tokens. This was one of our favorites.

This was a 3 inch challenge coin for a military unit stationed in Asia.

Here is a game piece with a scalloped edge. The token on the right was aged with a tea solution.


  Ordering is Easy

Just send an email to
LightSpeedRick@gmail.com with what you'd like on the token. Include any logos or art or description.
We'll send back a starting point design, usually within one business day.

Pricing includes all art preparation and setup fees, except for photographic engraving.

1 Inch
100 - 249 0.55
250 - 499 0.46
500 - 999 0.38
1000+ 0.36

1 Inch
100 - 249 0.72
250 - 499 0.68
500 - 999 0.55
1000+ 0.46

1.5 Inch

100 - 249 0.79
250 - 499 0.75
500 - 999 0.70
1000+ 0.66
1.75 Inch

100 - 249 0.85
250 - 499 0.81
500 - 999 0.77
1000+ 0.73

2 Inch
100 - 249 0.99
250 - 499 0.94
500+ 0.89

2.5 Inch
50 -99 1.23
100 - 249 1.12
250 - 499 1.08
500+ 0.97

3 Inch
50 - 99 1.58
100 - 249 1.45
250 - 400 1.38
500+ 1.30